C2070-583 Free Demo Questions and Answers

Question: 1 What is the minimum number of servers for a distributed configuration? A. One server; master server B. Two servers; master and crawler servers C. Three servers; master, crawler, and search servers D. Four servers; master, crawler, document processor, and search servers Answer: C Question: 2 Which is NOT a supported operating system? A. AIX 5.3 (32-bit) B. AIX 6.1 (64-bit) C. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server (32-bit) D. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise (32-bit) Answer: A Question: 3 When you map the common analysis structure to the index, what are you determining? A. which users can invoke the REST API to find documents B. which custom annotators will run in the document processing pipeline C. the structure of the facet tree that will show up in the text miner application D. which analysis results are indexed to enable search and text mining on them Answer: D Question: 4 Which documents from the collection are used to create the clustering proposal? A. All of the documents in the index are used. B. A random sample of the number that you specify C. The first 1000 documents that were added to the index. D. A round-robin alphabetically ordered sampling from each different crawler Answer: B Question: 5 How do you find the option to enable the named entity annotations? A. Select the ‘system’ option and then the ‘parse’ tab in edit mode. B. Open the text miner and select the ‘named entity’ facet then click on the facet tab. C. You do not have to enable them, they are always active for text analytics collections. D. Edit a collection, select the Parse and Index page, and click Configure document processing pipeline. Answer: D Question: 6 How can you enable duplicate document detection for web content? A. Select duplicate detection from the edit of a collection, under the search tab. B. Select duplicate detection from the user preference on the search application. C. Select duplicate detection from the edit of a collection, under parse and index tab. D. Select the link-based ranking model and disable security during collection creation. Answer: D Question: 7 What does the acronym UIMA stand for? A. Uniform IBM Marketechture Asset B. Unstructured Industry Matrix Alliance C. Unified Information Machine Architecture D. Unstructured Information Management Architecture Answer: D Question: 8 What must you do after you create a list of synonyms in an XML file? A. Convert the XML file to java.jar format. B. Import the XML file using the administrative console. C. Convert the XML file to a binary synonym dictionary. D. Reimport the dictionary.dic file using the administrative console. Answer: C Question: 9 Which statement is NOT true about synonym dictionaries? A. Words are specific to a language with the synonym dictionary. B. Only one synonym dictionary can be associated to a collection. C. Synonym dictionary can be used to improve search of acronyms. D. Add a synonym dictionary to the system, then associate it to a collection. Answer: A Question: 10 Which languages listed are supported for text analytics collections? A. French, Arabic, Hindi, Malay B. German, English, Polish, Greek C. Hebrew, Italian, English, Russian D. English, Spanish, Arabic, German Answer: D

Question: 11 Which cannot be configured in the search server administration? A. The ability for users to issue wildcard queries. B. The character which is used to indicate a wildcard query. C. The ability for users to issue a wildcard query that returns all documents. D. The number of potential matches the system will search for a wildcard query. Answer: B Question: 12 Which statement is NOT true? A. The ‘esadmin’ command can stop a crawler. B. The ‘esadmin’ command can start a crawler. C. The ‘esadmin’ command can create a crawler. D. The ‘esadmin’ command can monitor a crawler. Answer: C Question: 13 Which statement is NOT true? A. Queries can be federated across multiple search collections. B. Queries can be federated across multiple text analytics collections. C. Faceted queries cannot be federated across multiple search collections. D. When queries are federated across collections, the search quality is dependent on the scores that are generated by individual collections. Answer: B Question: 14 Which of the following is NOT a type of facet available in the search application? A. flat facet B. date range facet C. hierarchical facet D. auto-normalized facet Answer: D Question: 15 Which statement is true for UNIX platforms? A. The ‘esbackup.sh’ command must be executed with ‘root’ privileges. B. While ‘esbackup.sh’ command is executing, administrator may continue to use the administrative console. C. If ‘esbackup.sh’ command takes too long to execute, the administrator may Ctrl-C out of it and retry at a later time. D. After ‘esbackup.sh’ command is completed, the backed up files can be used to restore a system with a new installation. Answer: D Question: 16 What is the method used to check the status of indexing on a collection? A. Open the text miner and click on the ‘dashboard’ tab. B. Using the administrative console, stop the indexer component and then click on the log tab. C. In the administrative console, click on the ‘general’ tab, on the ‘edit’ icon and then on ‘view collection settings’. D. In the administrative console, click on the ‘parse and index’ tab, on the ‘monitor’ icon and then click on ‘details’. Answer: D Question: 17 Which of the following statements is true? A. Only search collections can use hierarchical facets. B. Search collections can be configured to export search results to a Cognos report. C. Named entity annotators can be enabled in the administrative console for search collections. D. Search collections can be configured to use multiple different document dates from the index in the search application. Answer: A Question: 18 How does the IBM Classification Module annotater documents? A. with tokens extracted from the documents B. with entities identified and extracted from the documents C. with relationships identified and extracted from the documents D. with one or more known categories derived from the documents Answer: D Question: 19 Which date format will ICA accept as a valid date field for the date facet? A. MM/DD/YYYY B. MM-DD-YYYY C. YYYY-MM-DD D. HH-SS-MM-DD-YYYY Answer: C Question: 20 Why would you create a text analytics collection instead of a search collection? A. when you want to use a custom annotator B. when only search applications are required C. when discovery and data mining are required D. when searching for documents in more than one collection is required Answer: C

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