Most of the students are keen to face the Class 10 examination which is the major turning point of life which helps them to choose the stream for a better future. Exam preparation on a daily basis is very much needed in order to clear the exam with a good academic score. We know that the ICSE Class 10 covers subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology which are of major importance.

Subjects like Physics and Mathematics should be given much preference as they have numericals to be solved based on the marks. The students can make use of ICSE Class 10 Maths Selina Solutions which contain answers for the textbook questions in a brief manner.  While practising, the students need to solve carefully because in a subject like Mathematics each step carries marks. The students can make a note of the list of formulas which are required while solving each chapter and should be revised regularly. Solving previous years question papers might also help students to perform better in the ICSE class 10 exam as they will be aware of frequently asked questions and weightage.

Physics has difficult topics which require more understanding by the students in order to clear the exam. ICSE Class 10 Physics Selina Solutions has answers prepared by experts having much experience in the desired field. The students can solve sample papers, question papers of previous years and all the exercises in the textbook to obtain good marks in the exam. Given below are some of the tips which the students can follow in order to perform better in the ICSE Class 10 exams.

  1. Make a note of all the formulas in small pieces of papers

The students in order to remember the required formulas and equations can write it and paste it in their room so that they can revise it whenever required. This will mainly help students to remember the required details in order to have a better academic score.

  1. Plan a timetable on daily basis

Having a planned schedule on which subject to study first will help students understand the concepts according to the timetable. Studying the same subject the entire day might make it difficult for the students to stay active, so this might improve their interest to grasp new topics.

  1. Practice steps by writing it

Byhearting the formulas and equations will not help students to remember it during the exam. So while studying a new chapter, the students can write the problems and solutions to remember the steps while solving it.

  1. Stay calm

Taking stress while studying will make the students forget the topics which they have studied. So by keeping calm and not taking much stress attending the ICSE class 10 exam becomes much easier.

  1. Relax

The students can meditate and learn many other techniques to keep their mind stress free without tensions. This will help them to maintain a positive attitude while studying and appear for the exam with confidence.

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