Most frequently asked questions by students at any given point of their academic phase is “tips to score well in their exams”. And why not? In this competitive world, it becomes important to be best at everything we do. Here are few handpicked tips:

  • Get familiar with your syllabus: How well-known you are with your syllabus plays a very important role when you are preparing for your exam. This helps in understanding marks distribution and also to know the important concepts.
  • Mind mapping: This is a concept which can be well explained with 5 C’s and they are:
  • Central idea: using the main concept and building streams that relate to the main idea.
  • Curves: it becomes easy when there is a usage of different lines and arrows that lead from one keyword to the other of the main idea which can be used as directions that lead to the central idea.
  • Colours and cartoons: it is believed that the human mind gets attracted to different colours and cartoons and this way it becomes easy to remember the entire central idea.
  • Conscious: being aware of the central idea and not deviating from that.
  • Use of sticky notes and highlighters: Usage of different coloured highlighters makes it easy to recollect the formulas like the unit of distance, speed, etc. that are required for answering any questions. Also, you can break down the main concepts into bullet points and stick it on your textbook for a quick look.
  • Physical activity: Usually students tend to forget “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. So never miss your daily dose of exercise for at least 30 minutes in a day.

Good sleep cycle and nourishment: These two play a vital role in your energy levels which make you either energetic or lethargic.

Subject wise preparation: Subjects have their own way of preparation, for example; Mathematics and Physics involve more of formulas and units of distance, speed, etc. English and Hindi are all about the usage of words and their presentation, and Biology and Chemistry need more practice of diagrams and chemical reactions.

These are a few ways to prepare well for your exam and there are many more. But all that matters is how confident you are with your concepts and how dedicated you are to your studies.


”. All the best.

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