Your baby isn’t walking yet, and they depend on you to move them around. Well, that’s just fine with you, but there are times you’d like them to sit somewhere as get busy with other chores. Of course, that can only be on the play mat, and by now your little one is already used to this spot. Not much happens here apart from play, but given that they may spend the better part of their day here, you need to keep the surface clean. Add to the fact that they’re going to chew the mat sometimes, and you wouldn’t want them to feed on germs.

Wiping the mat daily is a great way to keep it clean, but it doesn’t scare away the germs. Therefore, the mat requires some extra care.

Here is how you should care for the little one’s mat.

  1. Anti-Bacteria Liquid For Cleaning

Your laundry soap isn’t the best to clean the baby’s mat. Remember, the mat is exposed to a lot of germs and dirt, and, therefore, on top of cleaning it, you need to kill the germs and keep them away. Wiping the mat with anti-bacteria wipe or with a clean towel soaked in a sterilized liquid will help. After cleaning it, make sure you dry it before placing your baby on it.

  1. Keep The Mat Away From UV Rays

Don’t dry the mat in direct sunlight. Instead, place it in a ventilated area, and the moisture will go away. The UV rays can easily damage the mat and create some holes on it. You don’t want to replace the mat from time to time, and do, you better take care of it.

  1. Keep Inflammatory Objects Off The Mat

Your baby is making new discoveries, and they’ll touch or even eat anything they come across. Since you’ll not keep an eye on them all the time, make sure you keep those objects that can harm them away from the mat. Before you place them on the mat, check around to see if there’s any foreign object around.

  1. Don’t Use Colours And Pencils

Your baby isn’t interested in writing as yet. So, why have those coloured pencils and crayons on the mat? They’ll only leave permanent marks on the mat which may be difficult to remove. If you’d like your little one to have something to play with, you can get them baby-friendly toys that won’t hurt them. You can have activity gym toys. They’re great for the little ones.

  1. Change The Mat At Least Twice A Day

It’s possible to keep your baby on the same mat the whole day, but for the sake of their hygiene, you need to change it at least once per day. To make it easier for you, have at least two mats. You can let them use one till midday, then the other one till evening.

Keep your baby’s mat clean to protect them from germs.

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